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Below are some of the questions which we felt might be required for you to know more about Hydrojet. If you have any more questions, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you decide what is best for you.

Question: Why is Hydrojet bidet's cost so less,does it really work?

Answer:   Yes it works for many years. We have many satisfied customers who keep calling for their friends and family even after many years. Regarding cost, we are the product developers, manufacturers and directly selling to customers without any middleman. Our main motivation is to make more people use this water wash option and gain the benefit of that solution for everyday problem.

Question: Is Hydrojet strong and durable for regular use?

Answer:    Yes. All parts are made out Nylon/ABS or CPVC plastic which are proven strong material in engineering world.

Question: Is Hydrojet suitable for all toilets?

Answer:   Yes, Hydrojet Standard version is suitable for almost all 2 piece toilets. For 1-piece toilet please select Single piece version. If you have 1-piece toilet and you are not sure it will fit or not, we advice you to contact us before placing an order.If you are looking for left hand control, please select the left-hand version which comes with left hand controller. Please note, this left hand version is not suitable for 1-piece toilet.

Question: What is the difference between Standard and Single piece?

Answer:   Please scroll down this page to see the picture of types of toilets. When we say standard, we mean it is all 2 piece toilets where in you have water tank and toilet bowl as 2 pieces which are bolted together. Single piece version is for 1-piece toilet where in the water tank and toilet bowl are one piece and there will not be any bolt fixing these 2 together.

Question:  Are there any regular maintenance required?

Answer:   No. this is maintenance free. We are receiving repeated orders from our customers who are buying for their home, their friends and family after using Hydrojet for themselves.

Question: Is this available in stores?

Answer:    No. You will have to buy from us.

Question:  How to order this product ?

Answer:    Please go to Order page and select your choice and add to cart, it will take you to PayPal page to complete the rest of transaction.

Question:  How much will the shipping cost?

Answer:    We ship it through USPS. It depends on what type of shipping you select while ordering and starts from $5 for domestic ground shipping for each unit. This also varies for multiple units.

Question:   Will you ship CANADA,UK or other countries other than USA ?

Answer:     Yes, we ship our products to any country. We have our product versions suitable for any country.


Single Piece Toilet looks like this Standard toilet looks like this
Our Products
Hydrojet Bidet Standard Version
» Easy to install - plumber not required.
» Suitable for all standard toilets.
Single Piece Version for Single Piece or 1-Piece Toilet
» Easy to install - plumber not required.
» Smooth water controller, does not
take much space on toilet.
Hot and Cold Water Version for Standard Toilet
» Smooth water flow controller for Hot
and Cold water.

» No Electricity required and
maintenance free.
Left Hand Operation for Standard Toilet
» Smooth water flow controller on left
Suitable for all standard toilets.
» Easy to install - plumber not required.
» Hand held sprayer suitable for all standard toilets.