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  Hydrojet Bidet Left Hand Version for Standard Toilet

Easy to install

Suitable for all Standard or 2-piece toilets.

Smooth Water flow controller with Left hand operation.

Hands free body cleaning and hygienic.

No electricity required, uses existing hot water source.

Very comfortable and enjoyable to use with a hot and cold water

Can be used as straight (horizontal) or upwards water flow without or with end jet.

This attachment to toilet will not disturb regular cleaning of toilet.

Tissue paper consumption will be only 10% compared to normal usage.

Toilet clogging problem will be solved.

Hydrojet Bidet Left Hand Version Installation

Installation steps are similar to Standard with the exception of below steps.

  Connect the 4 - way as shown with the faucet connection.

  Faucet is connected backside of 4-way and goes behind toilet to go other side of toilet

  Faucet is connected to union which is connected to valve holder.

  The union and valve assembly is fixed on to toilet hole for left hand operation.

  Primary jet is fixed under the toilet seat just like standard version.

  And End jet connection and position setup are also similar to Standard version shown in video

Our Products
Hydrojet Bidet Standard Version
» Easy to install - plumber not required.
» Suitable for all standard toilets.
Single Piece Version for Single Piece or 1-Piece Toilet
» Easy to install - plumber not required.
» Smooth water controller, does not
take much space on toilet.
Hot and Cold Water Version for Standard Toilet
» Smooth water flow controller for Hot
and Cold water.

» No Electricity required and
maintenance free.
Left Hand Operation for Standard Toilet
» Smooth water flow controller on left
Suitable for all standard or 2-piece