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Customer Testimonials

Below are some of the feedbacks we received from our customers who are using it very happily and recomending it to thier friends and family. These are in their own words. We are getting repeated orders from our cutomers when they try first one which itself shows how satisfied they are with the product.

We sincerely thank you for your feedback.

I had some questions prior to ordering and received excellent, quick and friendly communication from this company. I received my Hydrojet just 3 days after purchasing it. It was simple to install; it only took a few minutes and I'm not real competent when it comes to installing anything! I love the video clip they have on the site showing exactly how to install it too! I'm so glad I found this item. I've wanted a bidet for a long time, but couldn't justify the cost of purchasing and installating one. This was the perfect solution at a cost that will eventually pay for itself with the money I will save on toilet tissue alone. I now feel cleaner than ever before. I've used it for several days now and would highly recommend this company and the Hydrojet to anyone. ~ Nancy

I tried myself with one and now I have bought it for all my family members. We liked the design and it works great too. Recommending it to all ~ Robert D.

I purchased this keeping my mother in mind who is in need of such a device where in she can operate simple handle to do the job. It works great. No hanging wires and it does not block for regular usage. I love it. ~ Maria

I live in apartment and I purchased one and it works great. I will recommend to all my friends ~ Omkar.

I tried one first and and now I have in all my toilets at home.It works great !. Friends and family who visit me are very happy with this and they keep asking where did I get this from and I am very happy to recommend your site to them. ~Gurumukh G

Hello - I just wanted to let you know that I received my hydrojet today. After about 10 minutes, it’s now fully installed and working great! I also have to thank you for creating a simple, yet highly effective (and inexpensive) bidet that I’ve been searching for, for over a year now. This is my 4th one!

The 1st one (which was called a bathroom sprayer), was From Home Depot and cost me about $45. bucks. Although it worked (very different design), it started leaking after a month (on The sprayer component). I would have to be very careful to make sure All the water shut off from the sprayer, other wise I would have a small leak, And end up have a small pool of water in my bathroom. I eventually just took it off after too many times of coming home from work And having my bathroom floor flooded.

The 2nd one I bought off the web (from Vietnam ), and unfortunately, it wasn’t designed For American toilets (the size of couplings were different) so that I couldn’t even Install it. (that one cost me almost $60 . with shipping).

The 3rd one I bought (off of – thinking it was a safer purchase) – and AGAIN, It didn’t work with a typical American toilet (the fittings were opposite of what should be For an American toilet). So AGAIN, I had to return it. (it was around $50 bucks).

I was searching the web again – trying to find something that would work on an American toilet – When I came upon your website. When I saw the installation video, I KNEW it would work on my toilet. And the best part? It was ½ the price of every other one I had bought in the last year and a half!

I absolutely love it! I love feeling super clean after using the toilet. I’ve been determined to stop Using toilet paper (to help the environment). And I finally I can with your wonderful invention!

Thank you for offering a simple yet highly effective portable bidet that regular people like me can afford. I am going to recommend it to all my friends and family Thank you again! ~ Nicole M

I searched for simple bidet which I could afford and to I found your site. After going through video, I liked the design and ordered one and received in 2 days. It took me about 10 minutes to install and I cannot tell you how happy I am with this product. it works great!. I am very happy to recommend to my friends ~ James.

It works great ! ~ Eric

I ordered one for my parents and installed myself for them it works great and they are happy.Now I have it in my place too and gifted to my cousin and happy recommend to my friends and family. ~ Byron

Thanks again for everything and I already have Hydrojet installed.thanks for fast shipping and info, and instalation was fast and easy, so u get a A++++ on everything - very satisfied customer ~ Bob

Hi All, We have been using your unit for over a year and can recommend highly. I had to purchase an extra because I damaged a piece putting it in. Tried to make it harder than it was.

Thanks Bill&Wanda

Folks I have just got to say that I have been to the US several times for holidays and find that that your company's service is typically American - as usual - "perfect" - prompt - efficient and a great credit to you all. The hydrojet is just great - simple to fit - the video was a great help - well done and thankyou From a very satisfied customer

~ Jack Bridge Wales in the UK

Hi All, Thank you so very much for selling such a wonderful product, I received it in two days. My hubby installed the Hydrojet Bidet as soon as they arrived, I purchased two, one for each bathroom. I love it! I call my sister and told her about it in NYC gave her all the information for her to order it, told her to purchase one for each bathroom in the house. Today I am sending an email to everyone on my email list. This product is great for everyone but especially the elders and those who are handicap, but most of all is very affordable and is easy to install. It is a hit in our home and wish you good luck on all of your future sale's. Have a great day!

Sincerely Jennie & Bob

I received this item 3 days after purchase. I was very skeptical. I figured it was money down the toilet. To my surprise, the hydrojet was really easy ro install. It works beautifully and has no leaks. It is a great item, and I am very happy I bought it. I give the hydrojet 5 stars. Thank you very much. ~ Arsenio Rodriguez

Our Products
Hydrojet Bidet Standard Version
» Easy to install - plumber not required.
» Suitable for all standard toilets.
Single Piece Version for Single Piece or 1-Piece Toilet
» Easy to install - plumber not required.
» Smooth water controller, does not
take much space on toilet.
Hot and Cold Water Version for Standard Toilet
» Smooth water flow controller for Hot
and Cold water.

» No Electricity required and
maintenance free.
Left Hand Operation for Standard Toilet or Single Piece
» Smooth water flow controller on left
Suitable for all standard or 2-piece